Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Skyrim!

 I found a pair of giants living in a cave at the side of a cliff. They looked funny because they were just standing there, but they turned out to be very friendly, even if they didn't do anything. There was really nothing to do there so I left after taking a couple samples of their cheese.

My journey along the east side of the country took me up into the snow blanketed mountains east of Windhelm.

I found a cave in the mountains and headed in. It was filled with these curious looking orbs that I could only guess were spirits of some kind. They were very friendly, and even seemed playful! They were all over the place and followed me around. I can't help but admit I felt a lot less alone with them there and welcomed their company.

The cave revealed the death of a researcher. He didn't make it very far.

 And.. one of these chambers. There was a dead person inside in the form of a ghost, very strong and tough to beat. It turns out his name was.. Yngol? He was once the son of the founder of Skyrim. I felt bad for him, but hoped he felt peace from his defeat. His skeleton was seated at the back of the chamber in a defeated pose on a throne. I took his helmet. It's not very powerful and usually I would sell it for the gold, but since he was such an important man I think i'll keep it for my personal collection.

There was a large lake not far from there with an abandoned campsite seated for two. I read a journal and there was a guy complaining about his partner who dragged him here to go fishing. I wondered where they were, and decided to take a dive in myself to see if there was any treasure at the bottom. I found this. The skeleton had the same name as the guy's partner. Poor guy. Looks like the slaughterfish got him.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chaos In The Force

Ok guys, so my game kind of got really sick and almost died. I had to uninstall and reinstall the whole thing. Luckily I was able to save my save game files so no data was lost, but I then had to reinstall every single mod I have, which took two days. Yes, I have that many mods. Then my game decided to have a problem with save game bloat, which is very problematic. If left untreated it eventually means the end of my game. Luckily for me I only had to deactivate half of the mods (which is still a ton, but not nearly as much as it would have been otherwise) before the bloat went away. My next few days will be spent playing with fewer mods than usual, as I slowly introduce them back into the game to find out which mod is causing the bloat. Pray for the survival of my game. I also lost my companion Kat because the download link for his mod was unavailable, until it becomes available i'm afraid i'll have to be partnering with Cicero again.
 Now, let's get to the story.

I've decided to make my way up the east side of Skyrim. I found myself soon in the Velothi mountains. These are the mountains that separates Skyrim from Morrowind. My last adventure took place in a very large cave which provided me no bed to sleep in so when I exited and found it to be dusk I had a choice to spend the night in the cold where creatures could happen upon me, or keep going. I decided it would be safer to keep going through the mountains and risk sleep deprivation. I was rewarded with a breath taking sight of the aurora!

I found another cave set in the side of the mountain range and curiously entered. I found inside the welcome of a warm fire sorrounded by beds! Hallelujah! I took advantage of the warmth of the fire and read a diary left behind by it's light. The diary told a very sad story, well, you can read it here. I then took advantage of the beds and caught up on my sleep before deciding to explore further into the cave the next day.
What beast were they trailing? What treasure were they after? What became of them?

Refreshed I awakened and decided to figure out the answer to these questions the next morning. I advanced deeper into the cave only to become surprised at dwemer architecture! The cave leads into some dwemer ruins?
Approaching I was attacked, no, ambushed by two Falmer! Oh no, don't tell me they are also here.

I took advantage of the abundance of mushrooms and other alchemy ingredients during my adventure, stuffing my pack full! The falmer were also kind enough to provide me with an alchemy table where I made some potions now and then. Of course I had to fight them first.

I came upon a room filled with falmer, and it was soon recognised that this place was populated with them. There were dead adventurers, I can only assume the journal I read yesterday belonged to them.

I was saddened to see a moment's blink of the ghosts of the dead. At each skeleton was a ghost that disappeared as soon as I approached, and a journal by it's bones.

It tells a gruesome, horrible story that sent me into a sadness that caused me to hesitate before continuing. I wanted desperately to be able to do something to help these people, yet, they were already gone. How I loved Morrowind, only to learn it's continent that I once knew so well is most likely gone..